Flat lifting sling with two knots

Lifting slings


  • The wide bearing surface of flat sling can reduce the pressure of surface load.
  • The surface of sling is smooth and smooth. When lifting fine objects, it will not hurt the lifted objects.
  • The flat sling has a higher safety, the weight is only 20% of the steel wire rope with the same load, so it is safer to use and convenient to carry.
  • The hoisting belt has the advantages of shock absorption, non-corrosion, non-conductive, and no sparks in flammable and explosive environment.


  • Safe working force: 0.5 t – 50 t
  • Effective length: 1 m – 100 m
  • Safety factor: 6:1
  • Temperature range: -40℃ 至 +100℃
  • Limit working elongation: < 3 %
  • Breaking elongation: < 10 %
  • Material: high strength polyester, nylon
  • Standards: JB/T8521.1-2007